Lead Financial Coach and Founder

With a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and over 15 years experience working in the sales, marketing and finance departments of international companies in the beverage and mining industries, as well as with entrepreneurs and Non-profit organizations, Ingrid has always been eager to help people with their personal finances. In her youth, having to struggle herself and knowing how it feels living hand-to-mouth because of poor money decisions she inherited, and successfully turning that situation around for the better and taking control of her own finances, she managed to pay her student loans in just four years, buying her first car, living on her own and still manage to have savings at the end of each month.

A loving wife and mother, professionist and highly detail oriented, a lover of numbers and spreadsheets, previously a dancer and now a yoga and meditation student, Ingrid recently got inspired to became an entrepreneur. Today, after 12 years of overcoming that difficult situation in her live, she's both eager and very excited to start this new chapter called "Smart Numbers Financial Coaching" in order to pass her knowledge and experiences that have helped her accomplish many dreams and goals.

Through her coaching sessions she will be focusing in understanding your personal goals and what your values are, and together, you will create a personalized strategy around the way you want to plan, save and spend your money to give yourself peace of mind.

Her intention is to help you feel comfortable around your finances so your numbers can become "smart numbers".